Vicky Fogarty (Been looking after my baby from 6 months old)

Thank you for looking after our baby soo well, you will never how much it means to us to know he is safe and happy in your care.

Nicki does lots of age appropriate activities, like rhyme time and soft play.

Shannon and Ben Rymell Looked after Arlo from 2 years Old)

Arlo has an excellent relationship with both you and the children, he is always excited to be coming, and when at home he talks about you to our family.

Thank you for providing such a fantastic, stimulating, caring and rich environment which Arlo really enjoys, thank you for being soo flexible, going that extra mile to help when required. We really appreciate everything you do.

Claire Hibbert (Looked after Freddie from 22 months)

Freddie constantly says Nicki when we get in the car hoping he is coming to you.

We are soo happy with how you care for Freddie, how you communicate with us and how happy he is when he has had a day with you.

Sarah Powell (Been looking  after Kodi since he was 8 months old )

Nicki is fantastic at sending me update on Kodi’s day.

Kodi always comes home his happy self which tells me he has had a good relationship with you and a good day.

Chelsea Veale Child aged 5

They go to the park, feed the ducks, cinema on the bus to different places around Oxford including the dinosaur museum, he loves going there, thank you, you do a great job and he speaks so highly of you and the time he spends with you.

Katherine Peterson Child aged 7

Finn is always happy to go in the morning. He enjoys playing with the others and always keen to tell nicki news.

Kate and Steve Carter Child aged 3

My daughter Skye has a wonderful relationship with nicki, she has great respect for nicki and feels safe in her company, she has very good relationship with the other children in the setting.

Gemma McLeese Allen Child aged 4.5

Fun filled, educational (learnt lots) They are Lexies other family-very close bond.

Charlotte Brown Child Aged 2.5

Jack always runs into nickis and talks about the other children, always there for advice with stages.

Chelsea Veale Child aged 5

The relationship my Teddy has with nicki is great, he enjoys going there, he loves the setting and there is lots for him to do.

Dina Sikorsha Child aged 4

In Nicki’s setting Laura has grown into a confident, independent and happy girl, she has learnt soo much with Nicki, and we are very thankful for it.

Aleksandra Marczuk-Dabrowski Child aged 3

Exciting activities at home to trips to the library, groups, parks and further afield a bus. She has grown and become more confident. I am sure she will get the best school prep she could and will enjoy the process greatly.

Aleksandra Marczuk-Dabrowski Child aged 3.5

Very relaxed atmosphere, but respectful and polite.

Kate and Steve Carter Child aged 3 

Nicki always fill Skyes days with fun and exciting experiences, all of which are appropriate for her age.

Skye is always excited about what she has done, we can honestly say we would not want her to go anywhere else.

Narisse Hollington Child aged 4

Cariadh has an amazing relationship with nicki, Every day Cariadh comes home excited about what they have learnt or been engrossed in, the crafts they make and bring home are very imaginative. Days out to not just the park but on the bus, Cinema, Mcdonalds, sand play, role play, how to behave in public and private. Nickis patience shines through the kids and their individual needs. Cariadh chose Nicki