Opening Times

                                           Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday                       7am- 5.30


                                             Bank Holidays                                  CLOSED


Pre-School Children 

£4.75 p.h Minimum 6 hrs from  September £5 p.h

Providing funded places Please  Contact me 

School children

Up to 1 hr in the mornings £5 

Before 7.30am please ask for price

School Holidays

£4.75 p.h minimum 6hrs

Current Vacancies for Early Years

At present I have no vacancies you are welcome to get in touch and put your name down on my waiting list. 

Current vacancies for School Children

At present I have no vacancies

Summer Holidays

I have a vacancy for a school child, please send a message to discuss. 

You are Welcome to put your child down on a waiting list. 

Glory Farm Area of Bicester

Happy to do stretched funding

Very Reliable, I have about 16 working days off per year dates are set 

each year so you can plan in way in advance. 

Only sick time I have taken in the last 10 years was when I had Covid Jan 22

Triple Vaccinated

Please note that should you decide to take up a place a deposit or a retainer will need to be paid within, 24hrs, if this is not paid the place will be lost. 

Contact details

[email protected]

Thank you